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Only once in Authorized Version (Ac 19:12). The Greek word (sudarion) so rendered means properly "a sweat-cloth." It is rendered "napkin" in Joh 11:44; 20:7; Lu 19:20.

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("napkin".) The two translations of the same term, soudarion, the Graecized Latin sudarium, literally, "that wherewith the sweat is wiped off". APRON, simikinthion, the Graecized Latin semicinctium ("wider than the cinctus"). Sudarium means:

(1) a wrapper to fold up money in, Lu 19:20;

(2) a cloth about a corpse's head (Joh 11:44, Lazarus; Joh 20:7, our Lord), brought from the crown under the chin;

(3) a handkerchief worn on the head, as the Bedouin's keffieh (Ac 19:12). The semicinctium was the artisan's linen garment for the front of the body.

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Any small cloth. Ac 19:12. The same is translated 'napkin' in Lu 19:20; Joh 11:14;

Joh 20:7.

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