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One of the rivers of Paradise. Its modern name is Tigris. See EDEN, and EUPHRATES.


called by the Accadians id Idikla; i.e., "the river of Idikla", the third of the four rivers of Paradise (Ge 2:14). Gesenius interprets the word as meaning "the rapid Tigris." The Tigris rises in the mountains of Armenia, 15 miles south of the source of the Euphrates, which, after pursuing a south-east course, it joins at Kurnah, about 50 miles above Bassorah. Its whole length is about 1,150 miles.

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Tigris. A river of Eden, going "eastward to Assyria" (Ge 2:14). (See EDEN.) "The great river" (Da 10:4). From hai "lively," and digla "an arrow," in early Babylonian; equivalent to Tigra in Aryan. Now called by the Arabs Dijleh.

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The river Tigris, mentioned as the third river of Paradise (Ge 2:14), and as 'the great river' by the side of which Daniel had his vision (Da 10:4). The Heb. Hiddeqel was taken from the Babylonian name for the Tigris, Idiglat or Diglat, which was in turn derived from its Sumerian name, Idigna.

L. W. King.

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One of the rivers of Eden: supposed to be identical with the Tigris, which is called Dijlah. Ge 2:14; Da 10:4.

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(rapid), one of the rivers of Eden, the river which "goeth eastward to Assyria,"

Ge 2:14

and which Daniel calls "the great river,"

Da 10:4

seems to have been rightly identified by the LXX. with the Tigris. Dekel is clearly an equivalent of Digla or Dighath, a name borne by the Tigris in all ages. The name now in use among the inhabitants of Mesopotamia is Dijleh.

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