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In Ps 9:16, is supposed to indicate a pause in the singing of the Psalm, for meditation, probably with an instrumental interlude.

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in Ps 92:3 means the murmuring tone of the harp. In Ps 9:16 it is a musical sign, denoting probably a pause in the instrumental interlude. In Ps 19:14 the word is rendered "meditation;" and in La 3:62, "device" (R.V., "imagination").

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("meditation"), from hagah "to meditate." Found Ps 9:16; 19:14; 92:3 margin "upon the harp with musing" (La 3:61). A call to solemn reflection on God's dealings. The Selah (a pause in the music) follows to give time for meditation.

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A Hebrew word that occurs four times, but in the A.V. is only once untranslated. This is in Ps 9:16, where the margin reads 'that is, meditation.' It is thought by some to refer to a musical sign or instrument. Literally it means 'the sound of a harp when struck.' In Ps 19:14 the word is translated 'meditation;' in '/Psalm/92/3'>Ps 92:3, 'solemn sound;' and in '/Lamentations/3/62'>La 3:62, 'device.'

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(meditation), a word which occurs three times in the book of Psalms --

Ps 9:16; 19:14; 92:3

(margin). The word has two meanings, one of a general character, implying thought; reflection, and another, in

Ps 9:16

and Psal 92:3 of a technical nature, the precise meaning of which cannot at this distance of time be determined. (Canon Cook says that it probably means an interlude giving musical expression to the feelings suggested by the preceding words.--ED.)

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