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one whose business it is to cultivate the ground. It was one of the first occupations, and was esteemed most honourable (Ge 9:20; 26:12,14; 37:7, etc.). All the Hebrews, except those engaged in religious services, were husbandmen. (See Agriculture.)

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A title given to Jehovah in His relationship with Israel. He had planted Israel as a vine on the earth, and He looked for fruit; but, alas, it produced only wild grapes. Isa 5:1-7. He then planted the true Vine on the earth which in every way gave much fruit. Joh 15:1. In another metaphor, Jehovah let out a vineyard to Israel, and prepared it for fruit-bearing; but when He sent for the fruit, His servants were ill-treated and killed. Last of all He sent His Son, but Him they killed also. God has destroyed those husbandmen, and has let out His vineyard unto the Gentiles: Mt 21:33-41: cf. Ro 11:21.

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