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A country of Europe, lying east of the Adriatic sea, north of Epirus, and west of Macedonian. It was anciently divided into Liburnia, now Croatia, on the north, and Dalmatia on the south, which still retains its name. See DALMATIA. The limits of Illyricaum varied much at different times. It was reached by Paul, preaching the gospel of Christ, and probably traversed in part, A. D. 57, Ro 15:19.

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a country to the north-west of Macedonia, on the eastern shores of the Adriatic, now almost wholly comprehended in Dalmatia, a name formerly given to the southern part of Illyricum (2Ti 4:10). It was traversed by Paul in his third missionary journey (Ro 15:19). It was the farthest district he had reached in preaching the gospel of Christ. This reference to Illyricum is in harmony with Ac 20:2, inasmuch as the apostle's journey over the parts of Macedonia would bring him to the borders of Illyricum.

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The region stretching from Italy to Epirus, along the N.E. of the Adriatic. The extreme limit (probably about Dyrrachium) unto which Paul had preacher the gospel, toward Rome, when he wrote the epistle to Romans (Ro 15:19). "Dalmatia" is applied to the same region. Image. (See FORM; IDOL.)

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The only Scripture mentionis Ro 15:19, where St. Paul points to the fact that he had fully preached the good news of the Messiah from Jerusalem and round about as far as Illyricum. Neither geographical term is included in the sense of the Greek, which is that he had done so from the outer edge of Jerusalem, so to speak, round about (through various countries) as far as the border of Illyricum. These provinces in order are Syria, Cilicia, Galatia, Asia, and Macedonia, and a journey through them in succession describes a segment of a rough circle. The provinces Macedonia and Illyricum are conterminous, and the nearest city in Macedonia in which we know St. Paul to have preached is Ber

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An extensive region on the east coast of the Adriatic, to which the preaching of Paul extended. Ro 15:19. It is now nearly all embraced under the name of Dalmatia.

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an extensive district lying along the eastern coast of the Adriatic, from the boundary of Italy on the north of Epirus on the south, and contiguous to Moessia and Macedonia on the east.

Ro 6:19

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ILLYRICUM, a province lying to the north and north-west of Macedonia, along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Gulf, or Gulf of Venice. It was distinguished into two parts: Liburnia to the north, where is now Croatia, and Dalmatia to the south, which still retains the same name, and to which, as St. Paul informs Timothy, Titus went, 2Ti 4:10. St. Paul says, that he preached the Gospel from Jerusalem round about to Illyricum, Ro 15:19.

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