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Reference: Jehonadab


1. Son of Shimeah, David's brother, and the friend of Amnon the son of David. He is described as 'a very subtil man.' He aided Amnon to carry out his intrigue against his half-sister Tamar (2Sa 13:3 ff.), and after the assassination of Amnon was the first to grasp the true state of affairs, and to allay the king's distress by his prompt report of the safety of the royal princes (2Sa 13:30 ff.). 2. Son of Rechab, of the clan of the Kenites (1Ch 2:55), and formulator of the rules imposed upon descendants, the Rechabites (Jer 35; see Rechabites). Jehonadab was thoroughly in sympathy with the measures adopted by Jehu for the vindication of the religion of Jahweh (2Ki 10:15,23).

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