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JERAHMEEL ('May El have compassion!') 1. A non-Israelite clan in the extreme S. of Palestine, with which David cultivated friendly relations during his exile (1Sa 27:10; 30:29). After Saul's death the Jerahmeelites formed part of the little principality over which he reigned in Hebron. How indistinct the recollection of them was appears from the various forms assumed by their name in MSS of the Septuagint: Jesmega, Isramelei, Aermon, Israel, Jeramelei. Subsequently they were considered to have been a Judahite clan (1Ch 2:9,25 ff., 1Ch 2:35-42 : here Jerahmeel is Caleb's elder brother; the list of his descendants in 1Ch 2:35-42 is of later origin than 1Ch 2:9,25-27 and brings them down to the Chronicler's day). We have no historical or other records connected with these names, save that Molid (1Ch 2:29) is a town mentioned elsewhere (Jos 19:2; Ne 11:26). 2. Septuagint and Old Lat. read 'Jerahmeel' at 1Sa 1:1 as the name of Samuel's grandfather. In all probability the Jeroham of Massoretic Text is an abbreviated form, like Jacob for Jacob-el, or the Yarkhamu found in a Babylonian list of Hammurabi's time. 3. One of the three men ordered by Jehoiakim to arrest Jeremiah and Baruch (Jer 36:26). AV follows Vulgate (filio Amelech), calling him 'son of Hammelech': RV, with Septuagint, 'the king's son.' He was a scion of the royal house, but not necessarily a child of Jehoiakim. 4. In a list of Levites (1Ch 24:20-31) drawn up considerably later than that in 1Ch 23:6 ff., Jerahmeel's name is added as son of Kish (Massoretic Text 'sons': the text is in a confused state). There must at the time have been a division of Levites called after him, and not, as previously, after Kish.

J. Taylor.

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