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gathering of God, a city in the extreme south of Judah, near to Idumaea (Jos 15:21), the birthplace of Benaiah, one of David's chief warriors (2Sa 23:20; 1Ch 11:22). It was called also Jekabzeel (Ne 11:25), after the Captivity.

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("collected by God".) Standing at the confluence of wady el Jeib and Fikreh and Kuseib; the farthest S. of Judah's cities (Jos 15:21). (See BENAIAH was of Kabzeel (2Sa 23:20; 1Ch 11:22). On its reoccupation after the return from Babylon it was called Jekabzeel (Ne 11:25, where "its hamlets," Hebrew, are spoken of, namely, outlying pastoral settlements). A wady, El Kuseib, seemingly answers to it; S. of the Dead Sea, the bed of a torrent descending from the Arabah to the Ghor.

At its mouth is its fountain, the only good water of the region, where the road from Jerusalem diverges E. by the Dead Sea to Moab and S. to Petra; a spot likely to be occupied, though remote, as a stronghold, the key of Palestine toward Moat and Edom, guarding the pass Ez Zuweirah, by which the Moabites under Sanballat, the Ammonites under Tobiah, and the Arabians under Geshem, might attack the Jews (Ne 4:12). Hot as the summer is, snow falls deep at times in winter. Benaiah's "slaying two lion-like men of Moab" accords with the position of Kadesh toward Moab; also "the lion in a pit on a snowy day" accords with there being dense jungle, the haunt of wild beasts, in the neighbourhood.

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A town in the extreme south of Judah, on the border of Edom (Jos 15:21; 2Sa 23:20); called in Ne 11:25 Jekabzeel. its site has not been identified.

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(gathered by God), one of the "cities" of the tribe of Judah,

Jos 15:21

the native place of the great hero Benaiah ben-Jehoiada.

2Sa 23:20; 1Ch 11:22

After the captivity it was reinhabited by the Jews, and appears as Jekabzeel.

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