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among the Jews, was one versed in the laws of Moses, which he expounded in the schools and synagogues (Mt 22:35; Lu 10:25). The functions of the "lawyer" and "scribe" were identical. (See Doctor.)

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One learned in the law. "Scribe" was the official and legal designation. He who is called a lawyer in Mt 22:35 is called a "scribe" in Mr 12:28, what we should call a "divine." A "doctor of the law" is the highest title (Ac 5:34).

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This term in Scripture does not belong so much to the legal as to the religious sphere. The 'lawyers' busied themselves with the study and exposition of the Written and the Oral Law of Israel, and were practically identical with the scribes (wh. see).


A teacher of the law, one who expounded the law. Nicodemus was probably one, for the Lord called him a 'teacher of Israel.' The Lord said of the lawyers that they put heavy burdens on others, but did not touch them themselves; and in their expositions they took away the key of knowledge. They did not enter in themselves, and hindered those who were entering

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The title "lawyer" is generally supposed to be equivalent to the title "scribe." The scribe expounded the law in the synagogues and schools. [See SCRIBES]

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