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(1.) Heb mashkoph, a projecting cover (Ex 12:22-23; ver. 7, "upper door post," but R.V. "lintel"); the head-piece of a door, which the Israelites were commanded to mark with the blood of the paschal lamb.

(2.) Heb kaphtar. Am 9:1; Zep 2:14 (R.V. correctly "chapiters," as in A.V. marg.).

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mashqowp, the upper crossbeam of a door. "The upper doorpost" (Ex 12:7,23). The word meant also to "look out," because there were grates or lattices above the door from whence the inmates could see who was outside. In 1Ki 6:31 for "lintel" translated 'ayil "the projection of the doorposts," occupying the fifth of the breadth of the wall (Keil). The entrance was four cubits broad, including the projecting doorposts, and each of the two wings of the folding doors about a cubit and a half broad, reckoning the projecting framework on either side at half a cubit in breadth. In Eze 40:9,21-24,26, "posts" (the same word 'ayil) mean projecting column faced fronts of the sides of the doorway, opposite one another. In Am 9:1 for "lintel" translated the sphere-like capital of the column: kaphtoreyah. Zep 2:14, "the capitals of her columns," margin "the knops" ("pomegranate like at the tops of the houses," Grotius) or chapiters (capitals).

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In Ex 12:22-23 the 'lintel' is the beam that runs along the top of a door and joins the two side-posts. The word is mashqoph, and occurs only in the above passage and in Ex 12:7, where it is translated 'upper door post,' but clearly means the lintel. In 1Ki 6:31 the word is ayil, which is often translated 'posts.' In this passage its meaning is doubtful. In Am 9:1; Zep 2:14 the word is kaphtor, which is elsewhere translated 'knop.' It may refer to some device placed over a door.

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the beam which forms the upper part of the framework of a door.