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A son of Shem, Ge 10:22, and ancestor, it is thought, of the Lydians in Asia Minor.

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(1.) The fourth son of Shem (Ge 10:22; 1Ch 1:17), ancestor of the Lydians probably.

(2.) One of the Hamitic tribes descended from Mizraim (Ge 10:13), a people of Africa (Eze 27:10; 30:5), on the west of Egypt. The people called Lud were noted archers (Isa 66:19; comp. Jer 46:9).

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Fourth of Shem's children (Ge 10:22). The Lydians of western Asia Minor (say some), whose manners and whose names were Semitic. But the geographic position is against this. Moses would not abruptly pass to the distant W. from the E., and then back to the S.E.; if the Lydians of western Asia were meant, the order would have been Elam, Asshur (Arphaxad), Aram, Lud; not Elam, Asshur (Arphaxad), Lud, Aram. Lud is to be looked for between Assyria and Syria. The Ruten or Luden of the Egyptian monuments, dwelling N. of Palestine, near Mesopotamia and Assyria. They warred with the Pharaohs of the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries B.C., under one of whom Moses lived (G. Rawlinson). The Luden may have migrated to western Asia at a later period. Thus, Lud will be the original stock of the Lydians.

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Son of Shem. Ge 10:22; 1Ch 1:17. See SHEM.

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(strife) the fourth name in the list of the children of Shem,

Ge 10:22

comp. 1Chr 1:17 supposed to have been the ancestor of the Lydians.

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