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Reference: Manahath


1. Ge 36:23. Ptolemy (v. 17, sec. 3) mentions Manychiates W. of Petra:

2. 1Ch 8:6-8; "the heads of the fathers of Geba, they removed them (led them captive, Qeri) to Manahath," "they," namely, Naaman, Ahiah, and Gera, and of these three Gera in particular, "he removed them" (led them captive). Manahath is connected possibly with the Manahethites (1Ch 2:52,54) in Judah.

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1. Mentioned only in 1Ch 8:5 as the place to which certain Benjamite clans were carried captive. The town is probably identical with that implied in Manahathites (wh. see), with the Manoch

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1. Son of Shobal, a son of Seir the Horite. Ge 36:23; 1Ch 1:40.

2. City in Benjamin. 1Ch 8:6. Identified with Malhah, 31 46' N, 35 11' E.

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(rest), a place named in

1Ch 8:6

only in connection with the genealogies of the tribe of Benjamin.

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