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Mehu'nims, The,

a people against whom King Uzziah waged a successful war.

2Ch 26:7

The name is the plural of Maon [MAON]. Another notice of the Mehunims in the reign of Hezekiah (cir. B.C. 726-697) is found in

See Maon

1Ch 4:41

Here they are spoken of as it pastoral people, either themselves Hamites or in alliance with Hamites quiet and peaceable, dwelling in tents. Here, however, the Authorized Version treats the word as an ordinary noun and renders it "habitations." The latest appearance of the name Mehunims in the Bible is in the lists of those who returned front the captivity with Zerubbabel.

Ezr 2:50

Authorized Version "Mehunim;"

Ne 7:52

Authorized Version "Meunim."

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