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howling. (1.) Nu 32:42.

(2.) The name given to Kenath (q.v.) by Nobah when he conquered it. It was on the east of Gilead (Jg 8:11).

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1. An Israelite of Manasseh the conqueror of Kenath and its dependent villages E. of Jordan (Nu 32:42).

2. The town so named by Nobah instead of its former name, Kenath (Jg 8:11). The old name is revived in Kenawat in the Lejah or Trachonitis. But Ewald identified Nobah with Nawa on the Damascus road, 16 miles E. from the N. end of the sea of Tiberias.

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1. The clan name of the Israelites who conquered the city of Kenath (wh. see). 2. A place named with Jogbehah in the account of Gideon's pursuit of Zebah and Zalmunna (Jg 8:11), possibly also in Nu 21:30, where the Syr. reads 'Nobah which is on the desert,' instead of 'Nophah which reacheth unto Medeba.' This may have been the original settlement of the clan of that name. It should be sought, probably, near the upper reaches of the Jabbok; but the site has not been recovered.

W. Ewing.

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A Manassite who took Kenath and its villages, and called it after his own name. Nu 32:42; Jg 8:11. See KENATH.

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(barking), an Israelite warrior,

Nu 32:42

who during the conquest of the territory on the east of Jordan possessed himself of the town of Kenath and the villages or hamlets dependent upon it, and gave them his own name. (B.C.1450.) For a certain period after the establishment of the Israelite rule the new name remained,

Jg 8:11

but it is not again heard of, and the original appellation, as is usual in such cases, appears to have recovered its hold, has since retained; for in the slightly-modified form of Kunawat it is the name of the place to the present day.

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