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interpretation of dreams, identified with Pitru, on the west bank of the Euphrates, a few miles south of the Hittite capital of Carchemish (Nu 22:5, "which is by the river of the land of the children of [the god] Ammo"). (See Balaam.)

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A town of Mesopotamia. Balaam's abode (Nu 22:5; De 23:4). Head quarters of the Magi, who congregated in particular spots (Strabo 16:1). From paathar "to open" or "reveal." Phathusae (Zosim. 3:14), S. of Circesium, and Bethauna (Ptolemy, 5:18, section 6), corruptions of Pethor, answer to Ahab, meaning the same in Arabic (Anatha, Ammian. Marcell. 24:1, 6); on an island in the river Euphrates, and partly also extending both sides of the river; for ages the seat of an ancient pagan worship; a good center for influencing the Arabs on the E. and the Aramaic tribes W. of the river.

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Mentioned in Nu 22:5 and De 23:4 as the home of Balaam, in N. Mesopotamia, when he was called by Balak to curse Israel. With this indication agrees the repeated statement by king Shalmaneser ii. of Assyria regarding a certain city which he calls Pitru, that it lay on the river S

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Dwelling place of Balaam in Mesopotamia. Nu 22:5; De 23:4. Not identified.

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(soothsayer), a town of Mesopotamia, where Balaam resided, and situated "upon the river," possibly the Euphrates.

Nu 22:5; De 23:4

Its position is wholly unknown.

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PETHOR, a city of Mesopotamia, of which the Prophet Balaam was a native. The Hebrews call this city Pethura. Ptolemy calls it Pachora; and Eusebius, Pathara. He places it in the Upper Mesopotamia.