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The prefect of Melita when Paul was shipwrecked on that island A. D. 60, Ac 28:7-9. Publius received the apostle and his company into his house, and entertained them with great humanity. The governor's father, dangerously sick, and many others ill of various diseases, were miraculously healed; and their hospitable care of Paul and his friends continued through the three wintry months of their stay, and furnished them abundant supplies on their departure.

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the chief man of the island of Malta (Ac 28:7), who courteously entertained Paul and his shipwrecked companions for three days, till they found a more permanent place of residence; for they remained on the island for three months, till the stormy season had passed. The word here rendered "chief man" (protos) is supposed by some to be properly a Maltese term, the official title of the governor.

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Chief ("first," Greek) man of Melita; "lodged courteously for three days" Paul when shipwrecked (Ac 28:7). His hospitality to Christ's servant was rewarded (compare Heb 13:2) in the cure of his father's bloody flux by Paul. The designation (Greek) "first of the island" could not have been from his "possessions" in his father's lifetime. Two inscriptions at Civita Vecchia in Malta mention the official title, "first of the Meliteans"; thus Publius was legate of the printer of Sicily, to whose jurisdiction Malta belonged.

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The 'first man' of Malta, whose father was cured by St. Paul of fever and dysentery by laying on of hands (Ac 28:7 f.). The title Pr

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The chief man, or governor, of Melita (Malta) when Paul was shipwrecked. He treated the company courteously, and Paul healed his father. Ac 28:7-8.

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the chief man --probably the governor-of Melita, who received and lodged St. Paul and his companions on the occasion of their being shipwrecked off that island.

Ac 28:7


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PUBLIUS, the governor of Melita, Ac 28:7-9. When St. Paul was shipwrecked on this island, Publius received him and his company into his house very kindly, and treated them for three days with great humanity.

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