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1. The story of this woman, called a harlot, of Jericho is given in Jos 2. The two spies sent out by Joshua to view the Promised Land come first to the house of Rahab, in Jericho. The king hears of it, and bids Rahab bring them forth; but she asserts that they have left her house and that she does not know where they have gone; she had, however, previously hid them among stalks of flax upon the roof. After their pursuers have left, Rahab comes to them, professes her belief in Jahweh, and adjures them to spare her and her kinsfolk when the attack on Jericho is made; this they promise shall be done; and after arranging that a scarlet thread is to be hung from her window, in order to denote which house is to be spared when the sack of the city takes place, the two spies escape from her house by a rope (Jos 2). The promise is duly kept, and Joshua spares her when the city is burned (Jos 6:22-25). In Mt 1:5 Rahab is mentioned in the genealogy of our Lord.

2. A name for the Dragon, applied also to Egypt. This name is not the same as that just considered, which is written Rachab in Hebrew, while this is written Rahab. It is the name given to a mythological monster who is frequently referred to in the Bible. In Isa 30:7 the old myth that Jahweh in the beginning subdued Rahab (= T?h

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