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1. A city of ancient Assyria, site unknown, Ge 10:11.

2. A place in the wilderness south of Gerar and Beersheba, so named by Isaac on the occasion of his digging a well there, Ge 26:22.

3. A city on the Euphrates, thought to be the modern Er-rahabeh, south of Carchemish, Ge 36:37; 1Ch 1:48.

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broad places. (1.) A well in Gerar dug by Isaac (Ge 26:22), supposed to be in Wady er-Ruheibeh, about 20 miles south of Beersheba.

(2.) An ancient city on the Euphrates (Ge 36:37; 1Ch 1:48), "Rehoboth by the river."

(3.) Named among the cities of Asshur (Ge 10:11). Probably, however, the words "rehoboth'ir" are to be translated as in the Vulgate and the margin of A.V., "the streets of the city," or rather "the public square of the city", i.e., of Nineveh.

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1. A well dug by the servants of Isaac and finally conceded to him, after two others, dug also by them, had become a subject of quarrel with Abimelech, king of Gerar (Ge 26:22). Several identifications have been proposed, of which the most probable is that made by Palmer with er-Ruhaibeh, about 20 miles S. of Beersheba. 2. The name of a king of Edom in Ge 36:37, where he is called 'Rehoboth of the River.' 'The River' here may not be, as usually, the Euphrates, but the 'River of Egypt' (see Egypt [River of]).

J. F. M'Curdy.

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1. City built by Asshur, or by Nimrod in Asshur. Ge 10:11. Usually placed near to Nineveh, but see No. 2.

2. City in the East, 'by the river,' from whence one named Saul, or Shaul, became an early king of Edom. Ge 36:37; 1Ch 1:48. There are two places named Rahabeh, near the Euphrates, which may be these cities. One is eight miles below the junction of the Khabur river, and the other four or five miles further south on the left bank, and called Rahabeh Melek, that is 'royal.'

3. Name of a well which Isaac dug, so called because God had 'made room' for them. Ge 26:22.

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(wide places, i.e. streets).

1. The third of the series of wells dug by Isaac,

Ge 26:22

in the Philistines' territory, lately identified as er-Ruheibeh, 16 miles south of Beersheba.

2. One of the four cities built by Asshur, or by Nimrod in Asshur, according as this difficult passage is translated.

Ge 10:11

Nothing certain is known of its position.

3. The city of a certain Saul or Shaul, one of the early kings of the Edomites.

Ge 36:37; 1Ch 1:48

The affix "by the river" fixes the situation of Rehoboth as on the Euphrates.

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