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An officer of the king of Persia, in Samaria, during the rebuilding of the temple; by an insidious letter to the king he procured an edict for the discontinuance of this work for a time, probably two years or more preceding 520 B.C., when it was resumed.


merciful. (1.) One of "the children of the province" who returned from the Captivity (Ezr 2:2); the same as "Nehum" (Ne 7:7).

(2.) The "chancellor" of Artaxerxes, who sought to stir him up against the Jews (Ezr 4:8-24) and prevent the rebuilding of the walls and the temple of Jerusalem.

(3.) A Levite (Ne 3:17).

(4.) Ne 10:25.

(5.) A priest (Ne 12:3).

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1. Ezr 2:2; REHUM or NEHUM Ne 7:7.

2. Ne 3:17.

3. Ne 10:25.

4. Ne 12:3.

5. The chancellor, literally, lord of decree (beel teem), i.e. royal prefect; with others wrote to Artaxerxes (Pseudo Smerdis) to induce him to stop the building of the temple and city walls (Ezr 4:8-9,17,23).

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1. One of the twelve heads of the Jewish community (Ezr 2:2; in Ne 7:7, perhaps by a copyist's error, Nehum; in 1Es 5:8 Roimus). 2. 'The chancellor' (Ezr 4:8-9,17,23; in 1Es 2:16 Rathumus). See Beeltethmus. 3. A Levite who helped to repair the wall (Ne 3:17). 4. One of those who sealed the covenant (Ne 10:25 (26)). 5. The eponym of a priestly family (Ne 12:3). See Harim, 2.

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1. One who returned from exile. Ezr 2:2. Apparently called NEHUM in Ne 7:7.

2. Levite who helped to repair the wall of Jerusalem. Ne 3:17.

3. One who sealed the covenant. Neh, 10:25.

4. Chancellor of the king of Persia: he with others wrote to Artaxerxes against the rebuilding of the temple. Ezr 4:8-23.

5. Head of a priestly family who returned from exile. Ne 12:3.

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1. One who went up from Babylon with Zerubbabel.

Ezr 2:2

(B.C. 536.)

2. "Rehum the chancellor."

Ezr 4:8-9,17,23

He was perhaps a kind of lieutenant-governor of the province under the king of Persia. (B.C. 535.)

3. A Levite of the family of Bani, who assisted in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

Ne 3:17

(B.C. 445.)

4. One of the chief of the people, who signed the covenant with Nehemiah.

Ne 10:25

(B.C. 410.)

5. A priestly family, or the head of a priestly house, who went up with Zerubbabel.

Ne 12:3

(B.C. 536.)

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