24 Bible Verses about Sourness

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 19:26

And his wife looketh expectingly from behind him, and she is -- a pillar of salt!

Psalm 107:34

A fruitful land becometh a barren place, For the wickedness of its inhabitants.

Deuteronomy 29:23

(with brimstone and salt is the whole land burnt, it is not sown, nor doth it shoot up, nor doth there go up on it any herb, like the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim, which Jehovah overturned in His anger, and in His fury,) --

Jeremiah 17:6

And he hath been as a naked thing in a desert, And doth not see when good cometh, And hath inhabited parched places in a wilderness, A salt land, and not inhabited.

Judges 9:45

and Abimelech hath fought against the city all that day, and captureth the city, and the people who are in it he hath slain, and he breaketh down the city, and soweth it with salt.

Ezekiel 47:11

Its miry and its marshy places -- they are not healed; to salt they have been given up.

Zephaniah 2:9

Therefore, I live, An affirmation of Jehovah of Hosts, God of Israel, Surely, Moab is as Sodom, And the sons of Ammon as Gomorrah, An overrunning of nettles and salt-pits, And a desolation -- unto the age. A residue of My people do seize them, And a remnant of My nation inherit them.

Exodus 30:35

and thou hast made it a perfume, a compound, work of a compounder, salted, pure, holy;

Ezra 6:9

and what they are needing -- both young bullocks, and rams, and lambs for burnt-offerings to the God of heaven, wheat, salt, wine, and oil according to the saying of the priests who are in Jerusalem -- let be given to them day by day without fail,

Ezra 7:22

Unto silver a hundred talents, and unto wheat a hundred cors, and unto wine a hundred baths, and unto oil a hundred baths, and salt without reckoning;

Ezekiel 16:4

As to thy nativity, in the day thou wast born, Thou -- thy navel hath not been cut, And in water thou wast not washed for ease, And thou hast not been salted at all, And thou hast not been swaddled at all.

James 3:12

is a fig-tree able, my brethren, olives to make? or a vine figs? so no fountain salt and sweet water is able to make.

Ezekiel 43:24

And thou hast brought them near before Jehovah, and the priests have cast upon them salt, and have caused them to go up, a burnt-offering to Jehovah.

Mark 9:49

for every one with fire shall be salted, and every sacrifice with salt shall be salted.

Matthew 5:13

'Ye are the salt of the land, but if the salt may lose savour, in what shall it be salted? for nothing is it good henceforth, except to be cast without, and to be trodden down by men.

Luke 14:34

The salt is good, but if the salt doth become tasteless, with what shall it be seasoned?

Mark 9:50

The salt is good, but if the salt may become saltless, in what will ye season it? Have in yourselves salt, and have peace in one another.'

Leviticus 2:13

And every offering -- thy present -- with salt thou dost season, and thou dost not let the salt of the covenant of thy God cease from thy present; with all thine offerings thou dost bring near salt.

Numbers 18:19

all the heave-offerings of the holy things which the sons of Israel lift up to Jehovah I have given to thee and to thy sons, and to thy daughters with thee, by a statute age-during, a covenant of salt, age-during it is before Jehovah, to thee and to thy seed with thee.'

Ezra 4:14

Now, because that the salt of the palace is our salt, and the nakedness of the king we have no patience to see, therefore we have sent and made known to the king;

Isaiah 30:24

And the oxen and the young asses serving the ground, Fermented provender do eat, That one is winnowing with shovel and fan.

Job 6:6

Eaten is an insipid thing without salt? Is there sense in the drivel of dreams?

Joshua 15:62

and Nibshan, and the city of Salt, and En-Gedi; six cities and their villages.

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