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Translated bulrush in Isa 58:5, flag in Job 40:21, and hook in Job 41:2; a plant growing in marshy ground or by watercourses, and used for chair-bottoms, baskets, mats, ropes, etc. The pith of a similar plant in Europe is used as the wick of a candle or rush-light. In Isa 9:14; 19:15, a rush is put for the lowest of the people.

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the papyrus (Job 8:11). (See Bulrush.) The expression "branch and rush" in Isa 9:14; 19:15 means "utterly."

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RUSH, ???, Ex 2:3; Job 8:11; Isa 18:2; 35:7; a plant crowing in the water at the sides of rivers, and in marshy grounds.

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