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A name given to Mount Hermon by the Amorites, De 3:9; 1Ch 5:23; Eze 27:5. See HERMON.

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Shenir, the name given to Hermon by the Amorites (De 3:9). It means "coat of mail" or "breastplate," and is equivalent to "Sirion." Some interpret the word as meaning "the prominent" or "the snowy mountain." It is properly the name of the central of the

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1Ch 5:23; Eze 27:5. Wrongly changed to Shenir in De 3:9-10; Song 4:8. (See HERMON.)

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The name of Hermon among the Amorites, according to De 3:9, but in Song 4:8 and 1Ch 5:23 distinguished from Hermon. It was famous for its large fir-trees (Eze 27:5). This Amoritic name was, naturally enough, the one in vogue among the Babylonians and Assyrians. In Deut. it appears, like Hermon and Sirion, to designate the whole of Anti-Lebanon. When taken more strictly, it stood, we may assume, for the northern portion. The Arabic geographers gave the name to that part of the range lying between Baalbek and Homs.

J. F. McCurdy.

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(snow mountain),

1Ch 5:23; Eze 27:5

the Amorite name for Mount Hermon.

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