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(1) Mahpeketh; Jer 20:2; 29:23, from hapak "rack"; our "pillory"; the word implies the body was bent, the arms and neck as well as the leg being confined. Prisons had usually a chamber for the purpose called "the house of the pillory" (2Ch 16:10, KJV "prison house"). The other Hebrew term,

(2), sad, is our "stocks" (Job 13:27; 33:11; Ac 16:24), in which the feet alone are confined; the Roman nervous, which could be made at the jailer's will an instrument of torture by drawing asunder the feet;

(3) Pr 7:22, rather "a fetter"; akasim, used for "the tinkling ornaments on women's feet" in Isa 3:16-18. The harlot's tinkling foot ornaments excite the youth's passions, all the while he knows not that her foot ornaments will prove his feet fetters; "to love one's fetters, though of gold, is the part of a fool" (Seneca). He sports with and is proud of his fetters as if they were an ornament, or put on him in play.

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Various words are used for these instruments of punishment.

1. mahpecheth, a wooden frame in which the feet, hands, and neck of a person were so fastened that his body was kept bent. Jeremiah was subjected to this punishment. Jer 20:2-3.

2. sad: stocks in which the feet were shut up. Job 13:27; 33:11; Ac 16:24 (?????).

3. tsinoq: stocks which confined the hands and the feet. Jer 29:26.

4. ekes, 'a fetter or ankle-band.' Pr 7:22.

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(An instrument of punishment, consisting of two beams, the upper one being movable, with two small openings between them, large enough for the ankles of the prisoner.--ED.) The term "stocks" is applied in the Authorized Version to two different articles one of which answers rather to our pillory, inasmuch as the body was placed in a bent position, by the confinement of the neck and arms as well as the legs while the other answers to our "stocks," the feet alone being confined in it. The prophet Jeremiah was confined in the first sort,

Jer 20:2

which appears to have been a common mode of punishment in his day,

Jer 29:26

as the prisons contained a chamber for the special purpose, termed "the house of the pillory."

2Ch 16:10

(Authorized Version "prison-house"). The stocks, properly so called, are noticed in

Job 13:27; 33:11; Ac 16:24

The term used in

Pr 7:22

(Authorized Version "stocks") more properly means a fetter.

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