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1. A Kohathite Levite (1Ch 6:24). 2. 3. Two (unless the name has been accidentally repeated) Ephraimite families (1Ch 7:20). 4. An unidentified 'station' of the Israelites (Nu 33:26 f.).

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1. One of the halting stations of the Israelites. Nu 33:26-27.

2. Son of Assir, a Kohathite. 1Ch 6:24,37.

3, 4. Son of Bered and a son of Eladah, descendants of Ephraim. 1Ch 7:20.

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1. A Kohathite Levite, ancestor of Samuel and Heman.

1Ch 6:22,37,22

(B.C. about 1415.)

2. According to the present text, son of Bered, and great-grandson of Ephraim.

1Ch 7:20

Burrington, however, identifies Tahath with Tahan, the son of Ephraim.

3. Grandson of the preceding, as the text now stands.

1Ch 7:20

But Burrington considers him as a son of Ephraim.

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