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strengh, a garden in which Manasseh and Amon were buried (2Ki 21:18,26). It was probably near the king's palace in Jerusalem, or may have formed part of the palace grounds. Manasseh may probably have acquired it from some one of this name.

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1. A Benjamite, of Ehud's sons (1Ch 8:7).

2. Children of Uzza; Nethinim who returned with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:49; Ne 7:51).

3. A descendant of Merari (1Ch 6:29).

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1. A Benjamite family (1Ch 8:7). 2. A family of Nethinim (Ezr 2:48 = Ne 7:51 [1Es 5:31 Ozias]). 3. The driver of the cart on which the ark was removed from Kiriath-jearim (2Sa 6:3,6-8 [in 2Sa 6:6-8 the name is Uzzah] = 1Ch 13:7,9-11). Uzza's sudden death at a place called, in commemoration of this untoward incident, Perez-uzzah ('breach of Uzzah'), led to the temporary abandonment of David's project of transporting the ark to Jerusalem. Uzza's death was attributed by the popular mind to anger on the part of Jahweh at his having presumed to handle the sacred emhlem too familiarly. 4. A 'garden of Uzza' (2Ki 21:18,26) was attached to the palace of Manasseh.

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Uz'za Uzzah. Uz'zah

1. Son of Abinadab: he was smitten by God for touching the ark when it shook. Though he did it with a good motive, it was against the law, which forbad even the Kohathites to touch the ark. 2Sa 6:3-8; 1Ch 13:7-11. See PEREZ-UZZAH.

2. One in whose 'garden' Manasseh and Amon, kings of Judah, were buried. 2Ki 21:18,26.

3. Son of Shimei, a Merarite. 1Ch 6:29.

4. Son of Ehud, a Benjamite. 1Ch 8:7.

5. Ancestor of some Nethinim who returned from exile. Ezr 2:49; Ne 7:51.

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1. A Benjamite of the sons of Ehud.

1Ch 8:7

(B.C. 1445.)

2. Elsewhere called UZZAH.

1Ch 13:7,9-10,11


See Uzza, or Uzzah

3. The children of Uzza were a family of Nethinim who returned with Zerubbabel.

Ezr 2:49; Ne 7:51

(B.C. before 536.)

4. Properly Uzzah. As the text now stands, Uzzah is a descendant of Merari,

1Ch 6:29

(14); but there appears to be a gap in the verse. Perhaps he is the same as Zina or Zizah the son of Shimei.

1Ch 23:10-11

for these names evidently denote the same person, and, in Hebrew character, are not unlike Uzzah.

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