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Ob 1:20, a Phoenician seaport on the Mediterranean between Tyre and Zidon, usually subject to Tyre. During a famine in Israel, the prophet Elijah resided here, with a widow whose cruse of oil and barrel of flour were supplied and whose child was restored to life by miracle. Her noble faith in God is worthy of everlasting remembrance; universal imitation, 1Ki 17:9-24. The place was afterwards called by the Greeks Sarepta, Lu 4:26, and is now known as Sarafend, a large village on the hills adjoining the seacoast.

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smelting-shop, "a workshop for the refining and smelting of metals", a small Phoenician town, now Surafend, about a mile from the coast, almost midway on the road between Tyre and Sidon. Here Elijah sojourned with a poor widow during the "great famine," when the "heaven was shut up three years and six months" (Lu 4:26; 1Ki 17:10). It is called Sarepta in the New Testament (Lu 4:26).

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("tsarfa'".) Elijah's residence during the drought (1Ki 17:9-10); belonging to Sidon. A Canaanite, i.e. Phoenician city (Ob 1:20). Sarepta in Lu 4:26. The name means smelting shop. Now Surafend, a tell or hill, with a small village, seven or eight miles from Sidon, near the Zaharain river. The ancient town however was below on the shore; there, ruins of a flourishing city are found, columns, marble slabs and sarcophagi, and a chapel of the crusaders on the presumed site of the widow's house.

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The Arabic village of Sarafend lies on a promontory about eight miles south of Zidon. On the shore in front of it are the scattered remains of what must have been a considerable town, the Zarephath or Sarepta of the Bible. Zarephath originally belonged to Zidon (1Ki 17:9), but passed into the possession of Tyre after the assistance rendered by the fleet of Zidon to Shalmaneser iv in b.c. 722 in his abortive attempt to capture insular Tyre. In Lu 4:26 it is again called a city of Sidon (RV 'in the land of Sidon'). Zarephath is included in the list of towns captured by Sennacherib when he invaded Ph

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City belonging to Zidon, where Elijah stayed with a widow during part of a time of drought and famine, being sustained by the miraculous increase of the widow's meal and oil. 1Ki 17:9-10; Ob 1:20. Called SAREPTA in Lu 4:26. Identified with Sarafend, 33 27' N, 35 18' E.

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(smelting place), the residence of the prophet Elijah during the latter part of the drought.

1Ki 17:9-10

It was near to, or dependent on, Zidon. It is represented by the modern village of Sura-fend. Of the old town considerable indications remain. One group of foundations is on a headland called Ain el-Kanatarah; but the chief remains are south of this, and extend for a mile or more, with many fragments of columns, slabs and other architectural features. In the New Testament Zarephath appears under the Greek form of SAREPTA.

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Lu 4:26

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