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1. A ravine (E. of Michmash) toward which the border looked, by way of which one company of Philistine marauders went. Zeboim lay "toward the wilderness" (the uncultivated mountain sides between the central district of Benjamin and the Jordan valley). The path from Jericho to Mukhmas (Michmash) runs up a gorge called by an exactly equivalent name, Shuk ed Dubba, "ravine of the hyena" (1Sa 13:18).

2. Zeboim (without the Hebrew 'Ayin (?) means "gazelles"; one of the four cities of the plain; destroyed with Sodom, Gomorrha, and Admah (Ge 10:19; 14:2; De 29:23; Ho 11:8). Shemeber was its king.

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