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A governor of the city of Shechem, who labored adroitly to preserve the city for Abimelech his master, the son of Gideon, Jg 9.


habitation, the governor of Shechem under Abimelech (Jg 9:28,30,36). He informed his master of the intention of the people of Shechem to transfer their allegiance to the Hivite tribe of Hamor. This led to Abimelech's destroying the city, when he put its entire population to the sword, and sowed the ruins with salt (Jg 9:28-45).

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Chief man of Shechem; Abimelech's officer, acting for his interests against the native Canaanites and (See GAAL . When Abimelech defeated the latter, Zebul thrust out Gaal and his brethren from Shechem (Jg 9:28,30,36,38,41). A zealous servant to an unscrupulous master.

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A lieutenant of Abimelech (wh. see), who was left by him as governor of Shechem. He cleverly assisted his master in suppressing the revolt of Gaal (Jg 9:26-41). The episode is obscure, but he apparently acted loyally from the first; having no force at his command, he was obliged to use craft. This is clear, if Jg 9:42 ff. belong to a different narrative.

C. W. Emmet.

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Governor of Shechem for Abimelech while the latter was absent. Jg 9:28-41.

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(habitation), chief man (Authorized Version "ruler") of the city of Shechem at the time of the contest between Abimelech and the native Canaanites.

Jg 9:28,30,36,41

(B.C. 1209.)

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