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the wolf, one of the two leaders of the great Midianite host which invaded Israel and was utterly routed by Gideon. The division of that host, which attempted to escape across the Jordan, under Oreb and Zeeb, was overtaken by the Ephraimites, who, in a great battle, completely vanquished them, their leaders being taken and slain (Jg 7:25; Ps 83:11; Isa 10:26).

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("wolf": name for a warrior). One of the two general "princes" of Midian, inferior to the king Zebah. Named with Oreb (Jg 7:25; 8:3; Ps 83:11). Slain at what was in consequence called "the winepress of Zeeb," at the ford of Jordan, near the passes descending from Mount Ephraim.

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Prince of Midian, slain by Gideon. Jg 7:25; 8:3; Ps 83:11.

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(wolf), one of the two "princes" of Midian in the great invasion of Israel. (B.C. about 1250.) He is always named with Oreb.

Jg 7:25; 8:3; Ps 83:11

Zeeb and Oreb were not slain at the first rout of the Arabs, but at a later stage of the struggle, probably ill crossing the Jordan at a ford farther down the river. Zeeb, the wolf, was brought to bay in a wine-press which in later times bore his name --the "wine-press of Zeeb." [OREB]

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