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Zared, luxuriance; willow bush, a brook or valley communicating with the Dead Sea near its southern extremity (Nu 21:12; De 2:14). It is called the "brook of the willows" (Isa 15:7) and the "river of the wilderness" (Am 6:14). It has been identified with

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(See ZARED.)


The torrent-valley (nachal) of Zered is named in the itinerary of Israel's journeyings, Nu 21:12, immediately prior to their crossing of the Arnon, and in De 2:13 as the point that marked the close of the 38 years' wanderings. It is probably either the Sail Sa'ideh (the principal confluent of the Arnon from the S.E.) or the W

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(osier brook),

De 2:13-14

or Za'red,

Nu 21:12

a brook or valley running into the Dead Sea near its southeast corner, which Dr. Robinson with some probability suggests as identical with the Wady el-Ahsy. It lay between Moab and Edom and is the limit of the proper term of the Israelites' wandering.

De 2:14

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