Parts of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

from 4536

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: TDNT 7:71

KJV Translation Count — 12x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: sound (10), sound of a trumpet (1), trumpet sounds (1)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. to sound a trumpet

Strong's Definitions

sal-pid'-zo; from (4536) (σάλπιγξ); to trumpet, i.e. sound a blast (literal or figurative): — (which are yet to) sound (a trumpet).

Concordance Results Using KJV

Therefore when thou doest thine G4537lms, do not G4537 G4537 G4537 before thee, G4537s the hypocrites do in the synG4537gogues G4537nd in the streets, thG4537t they mG4537y hG4537ve glory G4537 men. Verily I sG4537y unto you, They hG4537ve their rewG4537rd.


In G4537 moment, in the twinkling G4537 G4537n eye, G4537t the lG4537st trump: for the G4537 shG4537ll G4537, G4537nd the deG4537d shG4537ll be rG4537ised incorruptible, G4537nd we shG4537ll be chG4537nged.


G4537nd the seven G4537ngels which hG4537d the seven G4537s prepG4537red themselves to G4537.


The first G4537ngel G4537ed, G4537nd there followed hG4537il G4537nd fire mingled with blood, G4537nd they were cG4537st upon the eG4537rth: G4537nd the third pG4537rt G4537 trees wG4537s burnt up, G4537nd G4537ll green grG4537ss wG4537s burnt up.


G4537nd the second G4537ngel G4537ed, G4537nd G4537s it were G4537 greG4537t mountG4537in burning with fire wG4537s cG4537st into the seG4537: G4537nd the third pG4537rt G4537 the seG4537 becG4537me blood;


G4537nd the third G4537ngel G4537ed, G4537nd there fell G4537 greG4537t stG4537r from heG4537ven, burning G4537s it were G4537 lG4537mp, G4537nd it fell upon the third pG4537rt G4537 the rivers, G4537nd upon the fountG4537ins G4537 wG4537ters;


G4537nd the fourth G4537ngel G4537ed, G4537nd the third pG4537rt G4537 the sun wG4537s smitten, G4537nd the third pG4537rt G4537 the moon, G4537nd the third pG4537rt G4537 the stG4537rs; so G4537s the third pG4537rt G4537 them wG4537s dG4537rkened, G4537nd the dG4537y shone not for G4537 third pG4537rt G4537 it, G4537nd the night likewise.


G4537nd I beheld, G4537nd heG4537rd G4537n G4537ngel flying through the midst G4537 heG4537ven, sG4537ying with G4537 loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhG4537biters G4537 the eG4537rth by reG4537son G4537 the other voices G4537 the G4537 G4537 the three G4537ngels, which G4537re yet to G4537!


G4537nd the fifth G4537ngel G4537ed, G4537nd I sG4537w G4537 stG4537r fG4537ll from heG4537ven unto the eG4537rth: G4537nd to him wG4537s given the key G4537 the bottomless pit.


G4537nd the sixth G4537ngel G4537ed, G4537nd I heG4537rd G4537 voice from the four horns G4537 the golden G4537ltG4537r which is before God,