Parts of Speech

n m

Root Word (Etymology)

from charasso (to sharpen to a point, akin to 1125 through the idea of scratching)

KJV Translation Count — 1x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: trench (1)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. a pale or stake, a palisade
2. a palisade or rampart
a. pales between which earth, stones, trees, and timbers are heaped and packed together

Strong's Definitions

khar'-ax; from χαράσσω (to sharpen to a point; akin to (1125) (γράφω) through the idea of scratching); a stake, i.e. (by implication) a palisade or rampart (military mound for circumvallation in a siege): — trench.

Concordance Results Using KJV

For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a G5482 about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side,


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