Parts of Speech

n m/f

Root Word (Etymology)

unknown derivation

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 660c

KJV Translation Count — 31x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: window (31)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. window (piercing of the wall)

Strong's Definitions

challown, khal-lone'; a window (as perforated): — window.

Concordance Results Using KJV

And it came to pass at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the H2474 of the ark which he had made:


And it came to pass, when he had been there a long time, that Abimelech king of the Philistines looked out at a H2474, and saw, and, behold, Isaac was sporting with Rebekah his wife.


Then she let them down by a cord through the H2474: for her house was upon the town wall, and she dwelt upon the wall.


Behold, when we come into the land, thou shalt bind this line of scarlet thread in the H2474 which thou didst let us down by: and thou shalt bring thy father, and thy mother, and thy brethren, and all thy father's household, home unto thee.


And she said, According unto your words, so be it. And she sent them away, and they departed: and she bound the scarlet line in the H2474.


The mother of Sisera looked out at a H2474, and cried through the lattice, Why is his chariot so long in coming? why tarry the wheels of his chariots?


So Michal let David down through a H2474: and he went, and fled, and escaped.


And as the ark of the LORD came into the city of David, Michal Saul's daughter looked through a H2474, and saw king David leaping and dancing before the LORD; and she despised him in her heart.


And for the house he made H2474s of narrow lights.


And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she painted her face, and tired her head, and looked out at a H2474.