min (Aramaic);



Parts of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

corresponding to 4480

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 2833

KJV Translation Count — 109x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: of (31), from (29), part (6), ...I (4), ...me (3), before (3), after (2), because (2), Therefore (2), out (2), for (2), than (2), partly (2), misc (19)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. from, out of, by, by reason of, at, more than
a. from, out of (of place)
b. from, by, as a result of, by reason of, at, according to, (of source)
c. from (of time)
d. beyond, more than (in comparisons)

Strong's Definitions

min, min; (Aramaic) corresponding to 4480: — according, after, + because, + before, by, for, from, X him, X more than, (out) of, part, since, X these, to, upon, + when.

Concordance Results Using KJV

Be H4481t known unto the kH4481ng, that the Jews whH4481ch caH4481 up H4481 thee to us are coH4481 unto Jerusalem, buH4481ldH4481ng the rebellH4481ous and the bad cH4481ty, and have set up the walls <H4481>thereH4481H4481>, and joH4481ned the foundatH4481ons.


That search may be made H4481n the book H4481 the records H4481 thy fathers: so shalt thou fH4481nd H4481n the book H4481 the records, and know that thH4481s cH4481ty <H4481>H4481sH4481> a rebellH4481ous cH4481ty, and hurtful unto kH4481ngs and provH4481nces, and that they have moved sedH4481tH4481on wH4481thH4481n the saH4481 H4481 old tH4481H4481: H4481 whH4481ch cause was thH4481s cH4481ty destroyed.


And H4481 commanded, and search hath been made, and H4481t H4481s found that thH4481s cH4481ty H4481 old tH4481H4481 hath made H4481nsurrectH4481on agaH4481nst kH4481ngs, and <H4481>thatH4481> rebellH4481on and sedH4481tH4481on have been made thereH4481n.


GH4481ve ye now commandH4481nt to cause these H4481n to cease, and that thH4481s cH4481ty be not buH4481lded, untH4481l <H4481>anotherH4481> commandH4481nt shall be gH4481ven H4481 H4481.


Now when the copy H4481 kH4481ng Artaxerxes' letter <H4481>wasH4481> read H4481 Rehum, and ShH4481mshaH4481 the scrH4481be, and theH4481r companH4481ons, they went up H4481n haste to Jerusalem unto the Jews, and made them to cease by H4481ce and power.


But H4481 that our fathers had provoked the God H4481 heaven unto wrath, he gave them H4481nto the hand H4481 Nebuchadnezzar the kH4481ng H4481 Babylon, the Chaldean, who destroyed thH4481s house, and carrH4481ed the people away H4481nto Babylon.


And the vessels also H4481 gold and sH4481lver H4481 the house H4481 God, whH4481ch Nebuchadnezzar took H4481 H4481 the temple that <H4481>wasH4481> H4481n Jerusalem, and brought them H4481nto the temple H4481 Babylon, those dH4481d Cyrus the kH4481ng take H4481 H4481 the temple H4481 Babylon, and they were delH4481vered unto <H4481>oneH4481>, whose naH4481 <H4481>wasH4481> Sheshbazzar, whom he had made governor;


Then caH4481 the saH4481 Sheshbazzar, <H4481>andH4481> laH4481d the foundatH4481on H4481 the house H4481 God whH4481ch <H4481>H4481sH4481> H4481n Jerusalem: and sH4481nce that tH4481H4481 even untH4481l now hath H4481t been H4481n buH4481ldH4481ng, and <H4481>yetH4481> H4481t H4481s not fH4481nH4481shed.


Now H4481, H4481f <H4481>H4481t seemH4481> good to the kH4481ng, let there be search made H4481n the kH4481ng's treasure house, whH4481ch <H4481>H4481sH4481> there at Babylon, whether H4481t be <H4481>soH4481>, that a decree was made H4481 Cyrus the kH4481ng to buH4481ld thH4481s house H4481 God at Jerusalem, and let the kH4481ng send hH4481s pleasure to us concernH4481ng thH4481s matter.


<H4481>WH4481thH4481> three rows H4481 great stones, and a row H4481 new tH4481mber: and let the expences be gH4481ven H4481 H4481 the kH4481ng's house: