Parts of Speech

n pr f

Root Word (Etymology)

from 5278

KJV Translation Count — 21x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: Naomi (21)

Outline of Biblical Usage

aomi = "my delight"
1. wife of Elimelech, mother of Mahlon and Chilion, and mother-in-law of Ruth and Orpah

Strong's Definitions

No`omiy, no-om-ee'; from 5278; pleasant; Noomi, an Israelitess: — Naomi.

Concordance Results Using KJV

And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife H5281, and the name of his two sons Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehemjudah. And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there.


And Elimelech H5281's husband died; and she was left, and her two sons.


And H5281 said unto her two daughters in law, Go, return each to her mother's house: the LORD deal kindly with you, as ye have dealt with the dead, and with me.


And H5281 said, Turn again, my daughters: why will ye go with me? are there yet any more sons in my womb, that they may be your husbands?


So they two went until they came to Bethlehem. And it came to pass, when they were come to Bethlehem, that all the city was moved about them, and they said, Is this H5281?


And she said unto them, Call me not H5281, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me.


I went out full, and the LORD hath brought me home again empty: why then call ye me H5281, seeing the LORD hath testified against me, and the Almighty hath afflicted me?


So H5281 returned, and Ruth the Moabitess, her daughter in law, with her, which returned out of the country of Moab: and they came to Bethlehem in the beginning of barley harvest.


And H5281 had a kinsman of her husband's, a mighty man of wealth, of the family of Elimelech; and his name was Boaz.


And Ruth the Moabitess said unto H5281, Let me now go to the field, and glean ears of corn after him in whose sight I shall find grace. And she said unto her, Go, my daughter.