Book Summary

This book portrays Jesus Christ as the coming one, it anticipates His return for His church and teaches us to be ready for Him at any moment , waiting for that blessed hope when we will meet Him in the clouds. This book also talks about the day of the Lord which is a period of time which when complete will be the time that Christ will return to earth with all His saints. The rapture is when we meet Him in the air but the second coming is when we come with Him to the earth.

The blessed hope of Christ should be a hope which purifies us because we are living our life with that expectancy of His return. This enrapturement of such a heavenly perspective is a gift of God and it is a gift that I pray for. His coming however will be as a thief in the night but we should be “watchful and sober” (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

The real test of a persons hope is what it does for Him now. The hope we have in Christ is a living hope which grows and develops as we abide in His love. It is a living hope because it is a hope from a living resurrected savior. The hope we have is a hope of absolute certainty. The hope grows through life. It grows through perseverance which produces character and it is this character which produces hope.

This life of hope in us produces right living , consistent walk purity and love.