Book Summary

This is the first of the pastoral epistles written to young leaders in churches. He urges these young pastors the importance of godliness and holiness in life. That the way they live will be perhaps the best witness to others and make the things they do teach have substance. Its been said before that the best thing a Pastor can do for others is what he does in private because what is done in private creates character in public – Oswald Chambers put it this way, ’conscious repentance makes unconscious holiness.’ Integrity is a lifestyle not a thought and integrity makes what you do teach have life. Paul said in His epistles to imitate Him, that is to do what he is doing. Paul also says the older ladies were to teach the younger. However most importantly Jesus said “for I have given you these things as an example that you should do as I have done to you.” (John 13:15) Jesus is our example and we have the Holy Spirit to enable us to walk in truth. It’s true that when you do things you get understanding of them. It’s not just in the mind that you understand God but in the body, soul and mind – when they are consecrated to God , it is then that you will draw closer to Him.

Paul tells these young pastors to “give themselves wholly to the scriptures” because by giving themselves completely over to the scriptures the word can become life and change our behavior patterns thus making us more like Christ. Read more: