Thematic Bible

2 Samuel 10:1 (show verse)

And it will be after this, and the king of the sons of Ammon will die, and Hanun his son will reign in his stead.

2 Samuel 10:2 (show verse)

And David will say, I will do mercy with Hanun son of Nahash, as his father did mercy with me. And David will send to comfort him by the hand of his servants for his father. And David's servants will come to the land of the sons of Ammon.

2 Samuel 10:3 (show verse)

And the chiefs of the sons of Ammon will say to Hanun their lord, Is David honoring thy father in thine eyes, that he sent comforters to thee? is it not for the sake of searching out the city, and to spy it out, and to overthrow it, David sent his servants to thee?

2 Samuel 10:4 (show verse)

And Hanun will take David's servants, and shave half their beard, and cut off their garments in the half, even to their buttocks, and he will send them away.

2 Samuel 10:5 (show verse)

And they will announce to David, and he will send to meet them, for the men were greatly shamed. And the king will say, Sit down in Jericho till your beards spring up, and turn back

2 Samuel 10:6 (show verse)

And the sons of Ammon will see that they became loathsome before David, and the sons of Ammon will send and hire Aram of the house of Rehob, and Aram of Zobah, twenty thousand footmen, and king Maacah a thousand men, and Ish-Tob two thousand men.

2 Samuel 10:7 (show verse)

And David will bear, and he will send Joab and all the army of the strong.

2 Samuel 10:8 (show verse)

And the sons of Ammon will go forth and they will arrange the battle at the opening of the gate: and Aram of Zobah and Rehob and Ish-Tob, and Maacah by themselves in the field.

2 Samuel 10:9 (show verse)

And Joab will see that the face of the battle was against him from before and from behind, and he will choose from all the chosen in Israel and will arrange for the meeting of Aram:

2 Samuel 10:10 (show verse)

And the remainder of the people he gave into the hand of Abishai his brother, and he will arrange to meet the sons of Ammon.

2 Samuel 10:11 (show verse)

And he will say, If Aram shall be strong above me, and be thou to me for deliverance: and if the sons of Ammon shall be strong above thee, and I came for deliverance to thee.

2 Samuel 10:12 (show verse)

Be strong, and we will be strong for our people, and for the cities of our God: and Jehovah shall do the good in his eyes.

2 Samuel 10:13 (show verse)

And Joab will draw near, and the people which were with him, to battle against Aram: and they will flee from his face.

2 Samuel 10:14 (show verse)

And the sons of Ammon saw that Aram fled and they will flee from the face of Abishai, and come into the city. And Joab will turn back from the sons of Ammon and come to Jerusalem.

2 Samuel 10:15 (show verse)

And Aram will see that he was smitten before Israel, and they will be gathered together.

2 Samuel 10:16 (show verse)

And Hadadezer will send and will bring forth Aram that was beyond the river: and they will come to Helam and Shobach, chief of the army of Hadadezer, before them.

2 Samuel 10:17 (show verse)

And it will be announced to David, and he will gather together all Israel, and he will pass over Jordan and will come to Helam. And Aram will arrange to meet David, and they will war with him.

2 Samuel 10:18 (show verse)

And Aram will flee from the face of Israel; and David will kill from Aram seven hundred chariots and forty thousand horsemen, and Shobach chief of his army he struck, and he will die there.

2 Samuel 10:19 (show verse)

And all the kings, servants of Hadadezer, will see that they were smitten before Israel, and they will be at peace with Israel, and serve them. And Aram will be afraid yet to save the sons of Ammon.