Book Summary:

Saul was a king that did not put God at the center of his life, David however was a man after God’s own heart. Christ must not only be crowned King in our lives but must also be put at the center of our lives. The Israelites had clamored for a king – first God gave them a king after there own heart then He gave one after His. Am na after God own heart is one who desires to be led by God – Jesus said “follow me” – if we obey Him, He will make are victory sure.

It’s interesting to note what happened to both Saul and David at the same time. Saul a unrepented sinner went down to death dragging his country and family with him. David however was a repentant sinner and thus given glorious victory over his enermies and many were saved with him. Saul chose the way of self whilst David chose God’s way – that’s why God calls David a “man after His own heart.”

David’s character forgave all that Saul had done against him and also remembered all that was favorable to Saul. This is the beautiful spirit of forgiveness, the spirit Christ had when He was nailed to the cross – and now he is able to live through us.

The author of the book makes a beautiful truth to outline the story of David’s struggle against Saul – “do not pray for an easy task. Pray to be stronger The greatness of your spiritual power is the measure of your surrender. It is not a question of who you are, or of what you are but whether God controls you. “

2 SamuelChapter Themes

2 SamuelChapter Themes

2 SamuelChapter Themes

2 Samuel Major Themes

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