Thematic Bible

Acts 12:1 (show verse)

Now, in the course of that season, Herod the king thrust forth his hands to harm some of them of the assembly, -

Acts 12:2 (show verse)

And slew James the brother of John with a sword;

Acts 12:3 (show verse)

And, seeing that it was acceptable unto the Jews, he went on to apprehend Peter also (now they were the days of unleavened bread), -

Acts 12:4 (show verse)

Whom also having seized, he put into prison, delivering him up unto four quaternions of soldiers, to be guarding him, - intending, after the passover, to bring him up unto the people.

Acts 12:5 (show verse)

Peter, therefore, was kept in the prison; but, prayer, was, earnestly, being made by the assembly, unto God, concerning him.

Acts 12:6 (show verse)

And, when Herod was about to bring him forth, on that night, was Peter sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains, guards, also, before the door, were keeping the prison.

Acts 12:7 (show verse)

And lo! a messenger of the Lord stood over him, and a light shone in the cell; and, smiting the side of Peter, he roused him up, saying - Rise up quickly! And his chains fell off out of his hands.

Acts 12:8 (show verse)

And the messenger said unto him - Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And he did so. And he saith unto him - Throw around thee thy mantle, and be following me.

Acts 12:9 (show verse)

And, coming out, he began following, and knew not that it was true which was coming about through means of the messenger; but supposed that, a vision, he was beholding.

Acts 12:10 (show verse)

And, passing through the first ward and the second, they came unto the iron gate that leadeth into the city, the which, of its own accord, opened unto them; and, coming out, they went on through one street, and, straightway, the messenger was parted from him.

Acts 12:11 (show verse)

And, Peter, coming to himself said - Now, know I, of a truth, that the Lord hath sent forth his messenger, and taken me out of the hand of Herod, and all the expectation of the people of the Jews.

Acts 12:12 (show verse)

And, considering the matter, he came unto the house of Mary, the mother of John who was surnamed Mark, where a considerable number were gathered together and praying.

Acts 12:13 (show verse)

And, when he had knocked at the door of the porch, there came unto it a maiden to hearken, by name Rhoda;

Acts 12:14 (show verse)

And, recognizing the voice of Peter, by reason of her joy, she opened not the porch, - but, running in, bare tidings that Peter was standing before the porch. But, they, unto her, said - Thou art raving

Acts 12:15 (show verse)

She, however, kept on strongly declaring that, so, it was. But, they, were saying - It is his, messenger.

Acts 12:16 (show verse)

And, Peter, continued knocking; and, opening, they saw him, and were amazed.

Acts 12:17 (show verse)

But, making a sign to them with his hand to hold their peace, he related to them how, the Lord, had brought, him, forth out of the prison; and he said - Carry tidings unto James and the brethren, as to these things. And, going out, he went his way unto some other place.

Acts 12:18 (show verse)

And, when it became day, there was no small commotion among the soldiers, as to what, then, Peter had become!

Acts 12:19 (show verse)

And, Herod, seeking after and not finding, him, having examined the guards, ordered them to be led away to death ; and, going down from Judaea unto Caesarea, stayed there.

Acts 12:20 (show verse)

Now he was bitterly hostile to them of Tyre and Zidon; but, with one accord, they came unto him, and, persuading Blastus, who was over the bed-chamber of the king, they were suing for peace; because their country was fed by the king's,

Acts 12:21 (show verse)

And, on an appointed day, Herod, putting on royal apparel, and seating himself upon the tribunal, proceeded to deliver an oration unto them.

Acts 12:22 (show verse)

And, the populace, began to shout - A god's, voice, and not, a man's!

Acts 12:23 (show verse)

And, instantly, there smote him, a messenger of the Lord, because he gave not the glory unto God; and, becoming worm-eaten, he expired.

Acts 12:24 (show verse)

And, the word of the Lord, went on growing and multiplying.

Acts 12:25 (show verse)

And, Barnabas and Saul, returned unto Jerusalem, fulfilling the ministering, taking with them John who was surnamed Mark.