Thematic Bible: Grape

Thematic Bible

Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather its produce;

And he will build towers in the desert, and hew out many wells: for there were many cattle to him; and in the low country and in the plain; and husbandmen and vine-dressers in the mountains, and in Carmel: for he was loving the earth.

Thou shalt yet plant vines upon the mountains of Shomeron: they planting, planted, and they made common

It a jubilee the year, the fiftieth year shall be to you: ye shall not sow and ye shall not reap its overflowings, and ye shall not gather its separations.

I went down into the garden of nuts to look upon the greens of the valley, to see whether the vine was fruitful, whether the pomegranates blossomed.

Thou shalt plant vineyards and thou shalt work; and thou shalt not drink the wine, and thou shalt not gather, for the worm shall eat it

I will sing now to my beloved a song of my love for his vineyard. There was a vineyard to my beloved in the horn of the son of oil:

For their vine from the vine of Sodom, And from the fields of Gomorrah: Their grapes the grapes of poverty, The clusters of bitterness to them.

And I planted thee a vine of purple grapes, wholly a true seed: and how didst thou turn to me the removings of a strange vine?

Israel an empty vine, he will place fruit to himself: according to the multitude to his fruit he multiplied to his altars; according to the goodness of his land they made good pillars.

And another angel came forth from the altar, having power over fire; and he called with a great cry to him having the sharp sickle, saying, Send thy sharp sickle, and harvest the grapes of the vineyard of the earth; for her grapes were fully ripe. And the angel cast his sickle into the earth, and harvested the earth's vineyard, and cast into the great winepress of the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden under foot without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even to the horses' bridles, from sixteen hundred stadia.

Thou wilt remove a vine from Egypt: thou wilt cast out the nations and thou wilt plant it Thou didst set in order before it, and thou wilt cause its roots to take root and the earth will be filled. Its Shadow covered the mountains, and its branches the cedars of God. read more.
Thou Wilt send forth her boughs even to the sea, and her suckers to the river. Wherefore didst thou break down her walls, and all passing by the way plucked her? The swine from the forest will lay it waste, and the Moving thing of the field will feed upon it O God of armies, turn back now: look from the heavens and see, and review this vine;

And it will spring up, and it will be for a spreading vine low of stature, for its branches turning towards him, and its roots will be under him: and it will be for a vine, and it will make branches, and it will send forth foliage. And there will be one great eagle, great of wings, and many feathers: and behold, this vine turned her roots to him, and sent forth her branches to him, to water it from the ascendings of its planting. In a good field by many waters it was planted, to make branches to bear fruit, to be for a great vine. read more.
Say, Thus said the Lord Jehovah: Shall it prosper? shall he not pluck up its roots, and cut off its fruit, and dry up all the fresh foliage of its springing up? It shall be dried up, and not in its great strength, and by much people to lift it up from its roots. And behold, being planted, shall it prosper? as the east wind strikes upon it? drying up, shall it not be dried up? it shall be dried up upon the risings of its springing up.

Thy mother as a vine in thy blood, planted by the waters: she was fruitful and covered from much water. And there will be to her rods of strength to the rods of those ruling, and his stature will be lifted up between the thick boughs, and he will be seen in his height from the multitude of his branches. And she shall be plucked up in wrath, she was cast down to the earth, and the wind of the east dried up her fruit: the rods of her strength were broken and dried up, and the fire consumed them. read more.
And now being planted in the desert, in a land of dryness and thirst And a fire will go forth from a rod of her branches; it consumed her fruit, and there was not in her a rod of strength, a rod to rule. It is a lamentation, and it shall be for a lamentation.

I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me not bearing fruit he takes away: and every one bearing fruit, he cleanses it, that it might bear more fruit. Already are ye clean, through the word which I have spoken to you. read more.
Remain in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, if it remain not in the vine; so neither ye, if ye remain not in me. I am the vine, ye the branches: he remaining in me, and I in him, he bears much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

And he called that place the valley of Eshool, on account of the cluster of grapes which the sons of Israel cut off from there.

And houses full of all good which thou filledst not, and wells hewed out which thou hewedst not, and vineyards and olives which thou didst not plant; and thou atest and wert satisfied:

And I will give to you the land which ye labored not in it, and cities which ye built not, and ye shall dwell in them; the vineyards and the olives which ye planted not, ye ate.

I will pass over in thy land: we will not turn into the field and into the vineyard; we will not drink water of the well; in the way of the king we will go till we shall pass over thy boundary.

For the fields of Heshbon languished, the vine of Sibmah: the lords of the nations struck its vine of purple grapes, they reached even to Jazer, they wandered to the desert: her sprouts were thrust out, they passed over the sea. For this I will weep with the weeping of Jazer the vine of Sibmah; I will water thee with my tears, O Heshbon and Elealah: for upon thy fruit harvest and upon thy harvest the vintage shout fell.

And they commanded the sons of Benjamin, saying, Go, and lie in wait in the vineyards; And see, and behold, if the daughters of Shiloh shall come forth to dance in dances, and come ye out from the vineyards and catch for yourselves each his wife from the daughters of Shiloh) and go to the land of Benjamin.

And the trees will say to the vine, Come thou, and reign over us. And the vine will say to them, Left I my new wine-making, rejoicing God and men, and went I to wander about over the trees?

A vineyard was to Solomon in the place of a multitude; he gave the vineyards to those watching; each shall bring in its fruit a thousand of silver.

A cluster of cypress my beloved to me in the vineyards of the kids' fountain.

And he will build towers in the desert, and hew out many wells: for there were many cattle to him; and in the low country and in the plain; and husbandmen and vine-dressers in the mountains, and in Carmel: for he was loving the earth.

And thou shalt prophesy to them all these words, and say to them; Jehovah shall roar from on high, and he will give his voice from his holy habitation; roaring, he will roar from his seat; he shall cry aloud as they treading, to all the inhabitants of the earth.

Now we will pass over in thy land: we will not pass through in the field and in the vineyard, and we will not drink the water of the well: the way of the king we will go; we will not incline to the right or to the left till we shall pass over thy boundary.

What to you making use of this parable upon the land of Israel, saying, The fathers will eat sour grapes and the sons' teeth will be blunted?

And he will strike them from Aroer even to thy going to Minnith, twenty cities, and even to the meadow of the vineyards, with a very great smiting. And the sons of Ammon will be subdued from the face of the sons of Israel.

And it will be after these words, and a vineyard was to Naboth the Jezreelite which was in Jezreel, by the palace of Ahab king of Shomeron.

Thou shalt yet plant vines upon the mountains of Shomeron: they planting, planted, and they made common

And he will kindle fire upon the torches and will send into the standing grain of Philisteim, and will burn up from the heap of sheaves and even to the standing grain, and even to the vineyard and the olive.

And Noah will begin a man of the earth, and he will plant a vineyard.

They sitting in his shadow shall turn back; they shall live upon the grain, and they shall blossom as the vine: his remembrance as the wine of Lebanon.

And Samson will go down, and his father and his mother, to Timnath, and they will come even to the vineyards of Timnath: and behold, a young lion roared at his meeting.

And they will go forth to the field, and they will gather their vineyards, and they will tread down, and they will make rejoicings, and go in to the house of their God, and they will eat and drink, and curse Abimelech.

All the days of his consecration, from all which shall be made from the vine, of the wine, from the grape kernels, even to the skin, he shall not eat