Thematic Bible

Isaiah 32:1 (show verse)

Lo! in righteousness, shall reign a king, Yea even princes, with equity, shall bear rule.

Isaiah 32:2 (show verse)

So shall each one become As a hiding-place from the wind And a covert from the storm, - As channels of water ill a dry place, As the shadow of a massive cliff in a weary land.

Isaiah 32:3 (show verse)

And the eyes of them who are ready to see, shall not be closed, - And, the ears of them who are ready to hear, shall hearken;
No Themes for this verse.

Isaiah 32:4 (show verse)

And the heart of the hurried, shall take note of knowledge, And the tongue of stammerers, shall make haste to speak plainly.

Isaiah 32:5 (show verse)

A base man, shall no longer be called, noble, - Nor, knave, be named, liberal;
No Themes for this verse.

Isaiah 32:6 (show verse)

For, a base man, with baseness, will speak, And, his heart, will practise iniquity, - Practising profanity, And speaking, against Yahweh that which misleadeth, Emptying the soul of the hungry, And the drink of the thirsty, he causeth to fail;

Isaiah 32:7 (show verse)

Yea, a knave, his weapons are wicked, - He, base schemes, hath devised To ruin the oppressed with speeches of falsehood Even when the needy pleadeth, for justice.

Isaiah 32:8 (show verse)

But, a noble man, noble things, hath devised, - And, he, upon noble things, will stand,

Isaiah 32:9 (show verse)

Ye women in comfort! arise hear my voice, Ye daughters so confident give ear to my speech: -

Isaiah 32:10 (show verse)

Some days beyond a year, ye shall be troubled ye confident ones, - For failed hath the vintage, No, gathering, cometh in.

Isaiah 32:11 (show verse)

Tremble, ye women in comfort, Be troubled ye daughters so confident, - Strip! and bare yourselves, and gird some-what on your loins:

Isaiah 32:12 (show verse)

Upon your breasts, continue smiting: For desirable fields, For fruitful vine.
No Themes for this verse.

Isaiah 32:13 (show verse)

Over the soil of my people, thorns and briars shall grow, - Yea over all houses of joy, thou city exultant!
No Themes for this verse.

Isaiah 32:14 (show verse)

For the palace, is abandoned, the tumult of the city, hath ceased - Hill and watch-tower, serve as caves, unto times age-abiding, The joy of wild-asses, The pasture of flocks: -

Isaiah 32:15 (show verse)

Until there be poured out upon us the spirit, from on high, - Then shall the wilderness become, garden-land, And the garden-land, for a forest, be reckoned;

Isaiah 32:16 (show verse)

Then shall, justice inhabit, the wilderness, And righteousness, in the garden-land, shall abide;

Isaiah 32:17 (show verse)

And the yield of righteousness, shall be, peace, - And the tillage of righteousness, quietness, and confidence! to times age-abiding;

Isaiah 32:18 (show verse)

And my people shall dwell, In a borne of peace, - and In habitations of security, and In resting-places of comfort.

Isaiah 32:19 (show verse)

But it shall hail during the felling of the forest, And in a sunken place, shall, the city, sink.

Isaiah 32:20 (show verse)

How happy are ye who sow beside all waters, - Who send forth the foot of the ox and the ass.