Thematic Bible

Thematic Bible

But now those who are younger than I have me in derision, whose fathers I disdained to set with the dogs of my flock. Yea, the strength of their hands, to what should it profit me? Men in whom ripe age is perished. They are gaunt with want and famine. They gnaw the dry ground in the gloom of waste and desolation. read more.
They pluck mallows by the bushes, and the roots of the juniper are their food. They are driven forth from the midst [of men]. They cry out after them as after a thief, so that they dwell in frightful valleys, in holes of the earth and of the rocks. Among the bushes they bray, under the nettles they are gathered together. [They are] sons of fools, yea, sons of base men. They were scourged out of the land. And now I have become their song, Yea, I am a byword to them. They abhor me. They stand aloof from me, and do not spare to spit in my face.

But ye are forgers of lies. Ye are all physicians of no value. O that ye would altogether be silent! And it would be your wisdom. Hear now my reasoning, and hearken to the pleadings of my lips. read more.
Will ye speak unrighteously for God, and talk deceitfully for him? Will ye show partiality to him? Will ye contend for God? Is it good that he should search you out? Or as deceiving a man, will ye deceive him? He will surely reprove you if ye secretly show partiality. Shall not his majesty make you afraid, and his dread fall upon you? Your memorable sayings are proverbs of ashes. Your defenses are defenses of clay. Be quiet. Let me alone that I may speak, and let come on me what will.

Then Job answered, and said, I have heard many such things. Miserable comforters are ye all. Shall vain words have an end? Or what provokes thee that thou answer? read more.
I also could speak as ye do, if your soul were in my soul's stead. I could join words together against you, and shake my head at you.

Surely there are mockers with me, and my eye dwells upon their provocation.

Then Job answered, and said, How long will ye vex my soul, and break me in pieces with words? These ten times ye have reproached me. Ye are not ashamed that ye deal hardly with me. read more.
And be it indeed that I have erred, my error remains with myself. If indeed ye will magnify yourselves against me, and plead against me my reproach,