Thematic Bible

Job 15:1 (show verse)

Then responded Eliphaz the Temanite, and said:
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:2 (show verse)

Should, a wise man, answer unreal knowledge? or fill, with the east wind, his inner man?

Job 15:3 (show verse)

Disputing with discourse that doth no good, or with speech, wherein is no profit?

Job 15:4 (show verse)

But, thou, wouldst take away reverence, and wouldst attain unto meditation before GOD.
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:5 (show verse)

For thine own mouth would teach thine iniquity, and thou wouldst choose the tongue of the crafty.

Job 15:6 (show verse)

Thine own mouth shall condemn thee, and, not I, And, thine own lips, shall testify against thee.
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:7 (show verse)

The first of mankind, wast thou born? Or, before the hills, wast thou brought forth?
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:8 (show verse)

In the secret council of GOD, hast thou been wont to hearken? Or canst thou attain for thyself unto wisdom?
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:9 (show verse)

What knowest thou, that we know not? What understandest thou, and the same, is not with us?
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:10 (show verse)

Both hoary and venerable, are among us, one mightier than thy father in days!

Job 15:11 (show verse)

Too small for thee, are the consolations of GOD? or a word spoken gently with thee?
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:12 (show verse)

How doth thine own heart carry thee away, and how thine eyes do roll!

Job 15:13 (show verse)

For thy spirit, replieth against GOD, and thou bringest forth - out of thy mouth - words!
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:14 (show verse)

What is a mortal, that he should be pure? or that righteous should be one born of a woman?

Job 15:15 (show verse)

Lo! in his holy ones, he putteth not confidence, and, the heavens, are not pure in his eyes:
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:16 (show verse)

How much less when one is detested and corrupt, a man who drinketh in - like water - perversity.

Job 15:17 (show verse)

I will tell thee - hear me, Since this I have seen, I must needs declare it.
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:18 (show verse)

Which, wise men, tell, and deny not that which is from their fathers.
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:19 (show verse)

To them alone, was the earth given, and no alien passed through their midst:
No Themes for this verse.

Job 15:20 (show verse)

All the days of the lawless man, he, doth writhe with pain, and, the number of years, is hidden from the tyrant;

Job 15:21 (show verse)

A noise of dreadful things, is in his ears, In prosperity, the destroyer cometh upon him;

Job 15:22 (show verse)

He hath no confidence to come back out of darkness, he, being destined to the power oft the sword;

Job 15:23 (show verse)

A wanderer, he, for bread, saying Where is it ? He knoweth that, prepared by his own hand, is the day of darkness;

Job 15:24 (show verse)

Distress and anguish shall startle him, It shall overpower him, like a king ready for the onset:

Job 15:25 (show verse)

Because he had stretched out - against GOD - his hand, and, against the Almighty, had been wont to behave himself proudly;

Job 15:26 (show verse)

He used to run against him with uplifted neck, with the stout bosses of his bucklers;

Job 15:27 (show verse)

For he had covered his face with his fatness, and had gathered a superabundance on his loins;

Job 15:28 (show verse)

And had inhabited demolished cities, houses, wherein men would not dwell, that were destined to become heaps.

Job 15:29 (show verse)

He shall not be rich, nor shall his substance continue, neither shall their shadow stretch along on the earth;

Job 15:30 (show verse)

He shall not depart out of darkness, his young branch, shall the flame dry up, and he shall depart, by the breath of his own mouth!

Job 15:31 (show verse)

Let no one trust in him that - by vanity - is deceived, for, vanity, shall be his recompense;

Job 15:32 (show verse)

Before his day, shall it be accomplished, with, his palm-top, not covered with leaves;

Job 15:33 (show verse)

He shall wrong - like a vine - his sour grapes, and shall cast off - as an olive-tree - his blossom.

Job 15:34 (show verse)

For, the family of the impious, is unfruitful, and, a fire, hath devoured the tents of bribery;

Job 15:35 (show verse)

Conceiving mischief, and bringing forth iniquity, yea, their inmost soul, prepareth deceit.