Thematic Bible

Thematic Bible

Also, the light of the wicked is extinguished. And there doth not shine a spark of his fire. The light hath been dark in his tent, And his lamp over him is extinguished. Straitened are the steps of his strength, And cast him down doth his own counsel. read more.
For he is sent into a net by his own feet, And on a snare he doth walk habitually. Seize on the heel doth a gin, Prevail over him do the designing. Hidden in the earth is his cord, And his trap on the path. Round about terrified him have terrors, And they have scattered him -- at his feet. Hungry is his sorrow, And calamity is ready at his side. It consumeth the parts of his skin, Consume his parts doth death's first-born. Drawn from his tent is his confidence, And it causeth him to step to the king of terrors. It dwelleth in his tent -- out of his provender, Scattered over his habitation is sulphur. From beneath his roots are dried up, And from above cut off is his crop. His memorial hath perished from the land, And he hath no name on the street. They thrust him from light unto darkness, And from the habitable earth cast him out. He hath no continuator, Nor successor among his people, And none is remaining in his dwellings. At this day westerns have been astonished And easterns have taken fright. Only these are tabernacles of the perverse, And this the place God hath not known.

Your iniquities have turned these away, And your sins have kept the good from you.

This is the portion of wicked man with God, And the inheritance of terrible ones From the Mighty they receive. If his sons multiply -- for them is a sword. And his offspring are not satisfied with bread. His remnant in death are buried, And his widows do not weep. read more.
If he heap up as dust silver, And as clay prepare clothing, He prepareth -- and the righteous putteth it on, And the silver the innocent doth apportion. He hath built as a moth his house, And as a booth a watchman hath made. Rich he lieth down, and he is not gathered, His eyes he hath opened, and he is not. Overtake him as waters do terrors, By night stolen him away hath a whirlwind. Take him up doth an east wind, and he goeth, And it frighteneth him from his place, And it casteth at him, and doth not spare, From its hand he diligently fleeth. It clappeth at him its hands, And it hisseth at him from his place.

'All days of the wicked he is paining himself, And few years have been laid up for the terrible one. A fearful voice is in his ears, In peace doth a destroyer come to him. He believeth not to return from darkness, And watched is he for the sword. read more.
He is wandering for bread -- 'Where is it?' He hath known that ready at his hand Is a day of darkness. Terrify him do adversity and distress, They prevail over him As a king ready for a boaster. For he stretched out against God his hand, And against the Mighty he maketh himself mighty. He runneth unto Him with a neck, With thick bosses of his shields. For he hath covered his face with his fat, And maketh vigour over his confidence. And he inhabiteth cities cut off, houses not dwelt in, That have been ready to become heaps. He is not rich, nor doth his wealth rise, Nor doth he stretch out on earth their continuance. He turneth not aside from darkness, His tender branch doth a flame dry up, And he turneth aside at the breath of His mouth! Let him not put credence in vanity, He hath been deceived, For vanity is his recompence. Not in his day is it completed, And his bending branch is not green. He shaketh off as a vine his unripe fruit, And casteth off as an olive his blossom. For the company of the profane is gloomy, And fire hath consumed tents of bribery. To conceive misery, and to bear iniquity, Even their heart doth prepare deceit.

That the singing of the wicked is short, And the joy of the profane for a moment, Though his excellency go up to the heavens, And his head against a cloud he strike -- As his own dung for ever he doth perish, His beholders say: 'Where is he?' read more.
As a dream he fleeth, and they find him not, And he is driven away as a vision of the night, The eye hath not seen him, and addeth not. And not again doth his place behold him. His sons do the poor oppress, And his hands give back his wealth. His bones have been full of his youth, And with him on the dust it lieth down. Though he doth sweeten evil in his mouth, Doth hide it under his tongue, Hath pity on it, and doth not forsake it, And keep it back in the midst of his palate, His food in his bowels is turned, The bitterness of asps is in his heart. Wealth he hath swallowed, and doth vomit it. From his belly God driveth it out. Gall of asps he sucketh, Slay him doth the tongue of a viper. He looketh not on rivulets, Flowing of brooks of honey and butter. He is giving back what he laboured for, And doth not consume it; As a bulwark is his exchange, and he exults not. For he oppressed -- he forsook the poor, A house he hath taken violently away, And he doth not build it. For he hath not known ease in his belly. With his desirable thing he delivereth not himself. There is not a remnant to his food, Therefore his good doth not stay. In the fulness of his sufficiency he is straitened. Every perverse hand doth meet him. It cometh to pass, at the filling of his belly, He sendeth forth against him The fierceness of His anger, Yea, He raineth on him in his eating. He fleeth from an iron weapon, Pass through him doth a bow of brass. One hath drawn, And it cometh out from the body, And a glittering weapon from his gall proceedeth. On him are terrors. All darkness is hid for his treasures, Consume him doth a fire not blown, Broken is the remnant in his tent. Reveal do the heavens his iniquity, And earth is raising itself against him. Remove doth the increase of his house, Poured forth in a day of His anger. This is the portion of a wicked man from God. And an inheritance appointed him by God.

Wherefore do the wicked live? They have become old, Yea, they have been mighty in wealth. Their seed is established, Before their face with them, And their offspring before their eyes. Their houses are peace without fear, Nor is a rod of God upon them. read more.
His bullock hath eaten corn, and doth not loath. His cow bringeth forth safely, And doth not miscarry. They send forth as a flock their sucklings, And their children skip, They lift themselves up at timbrel and harp, And rejoice at the sound of an organ. They wear out in good their days, And in a moment to Sheol go down. And they say to God, 'Turn aside from us, And the knowledge of Thy ways We have not desired. What is the Mighty One that we serve Him? And what do we profit when we meet with Him?' Lo, not in their hand is their good, (The counsel of the wicked Hath been far from me.) How oft is the lamp of the wicked extinguished, And come on them doth their calamity? Pangs He apportioneth in His anger. They are as straw before wind, And as chaff a hurricane hath stolen away, God layeth up for his sons his sorrow, He giveth recompense unto him -- and he knoweth. His own eyes see his destruction, And of the wrath of the Mighty he drinketh. For what is his delight in his house after him, And the number of his months cut off? To God doth one teach knowledge, And He the high doth judge? This one dieth in his perfect strength, Wholly at ease and quiet. His breasts have been full of milk, And marrow his bones doth moisten. And this one dieth with a bitter soul, And have not eaten with gladness. Together -- on the dust they lie down, And the worm doth cover them over. Lo, I have known your thoughts, And the devices against me ye do wrongfully. For ye say, 'Where is the house of the noble? And where the tent -- The tabernacles of the wicked?' Have ye not asked those passing by the way? And their signs do ye not know? That to a day of calamity is the wicked spared. To a day of wrath they are brought. Who doth declare to his face his way? And for that which he hath done, Who doth give recompence to him? And he -- to the graves he is brought. And over the heap a watch is kept. Sweet to him have been the clods of the valley, And after him every man he draweth, And before him there is no numbering.

The borders they reach, A drove they have taken violently away, Yea, they do evil. The ass of the fatherless they lead away, They take in pledge the ox of the widow, They turn aside the needy from the way, Together have hid the poor of the earth. read more.
Lo, wild asses in a wilderness, They have gone out about their work, Seeking early for prey, A mixture for himself -- food for young ones. In a field his provender they reap, And the vineyard of the wicked they glean. The naked they cause to lodge Without clothing. And there is no covering in the cold. From the inundation of hills they are wet, And without a refuge -- have embraced a rock. They take violently away From the breast the orphan, And on the poor they lay a pledge. Naked, they have gone without clothing, And hungry -- have taken away a sheaf. Between their walls they make oil, Wine-presses they have trodden, and thirst. Because of enmity men do groan, And the soul of pierced ones doth cry, And God doth not give praise. They have been among rebellious ones of light, They have not discerned His ways, Nor abode in His paths. At the light doth the murderer rise, He doth slay the poor and needy, And in the night he is as a thief. And the eye of an adulterer Hath observed the twilight, Saying, 'No eye doth behold me.' And he putteth the face in secret. He hath dug in the darkness -- houses; By day they shut themselves up, They have not known light. When together, morning is to them death shade, When he discerneth the terrors of death shade. Light he is on the face of the waters, Vilified is their portion in the earth, He turneth not the way of vineyards. Drought -- also heat -- consume snow-waters, Sheol those who have sinned. Forget him doth the womb, Sweeten on him doth the worm, No more is he remembered, And broken as a tree is wickedness. Treating evil the barren who beareth not, And to the widow he doth no good, And hath drawn the mighty by his power, He riseth, and none believeth in life. He giveth to him confidence, and he is supported, And his eyes are on their ways. High they were for a little, and they are not, And they have been brought low. As all others they are shut up, And as the head of an ear of corn cut off.

By the sword ye do fall, On the border of Israel I do judge you, And ye have known that I am Jehovah.

and thou hast said unto the people of the land, Thus said the Lord Jehovah concerning the inhabitants of Jerusalem, concerning the land of Israel: Their bread with fear they do eat, and their water with astonishment drink, because its land is desolate, because of its fulness, because of the violence of all who are dwelling in it. And the cities that are inhabited are laid waste, and the land is a desolation, and ye have known that I am Jehovah.'

And it hath come to pass, That he who doth not go up of the families of the land unto Jerusalem, To bow himself to the King, Jehovah of Hosts, Even on them there is no shower. And if the family of Egypt go not up, nor come in, Then not on them is the plague With which Jehovah doth plague the nations That go not up to celebrate the feast of booths. This is the punishment of the sin of Egypt, And the punishment of the sin of all the nations, That go not up to celebrate the feast of booths.