Thematic Bible

Job 28:1 (show verse)

"Surely there are mines for silver and places where gold is refined.

Job 28:2 (show verse)

Iron is taken from the ground; and copper is smelted from ore.

Job 28:3 (show verse)

Mankind limits the darkness as they search the deepest depths for ore in unfathomable darkness.

Job 28:4 (show verse)

He sinks his shaft far from human habitations, in a place forgotten by explorers; they hang on harnesses as they swing back and forth.

Job 28:5 (show verse)

"While the ground produces food, underneath it is torn up and burning hot,

Job 28:6 (show verse)

where stones are sapphire and gold dust can be found,

Job 28:7 (show verse)

a place where birds of prey never fly, and the eyes of the falcon have never seen.

Job 28:8 (show verse)

The proud beasts haven't walked there; lions have never passed over it.

Job 28:9 (show verse)

"Using a flint, he thrusts his hand, overturning mountains by the roots.

Job 28:10 (show verse)

He cuts a channel through the rocks, while his eyes search for anything of value.

Job 28:11 (show verse)

He dams up flowing rivers, bringing hidden things to light."
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Job 28:12 (show verse)

"Where can wisdom be found? Where is understanding's home?

Job 28:13 (show verse)

Mankind doesn't appreciate their value; and you won't find it anywhere on earth.

Job 28:14 (show verse)

The deepest ocean says, "It's not within me.' and the sea says, "You'll never find it with me.'

Job 28:15 (show verse)

You can't buy it with gold, and its value cannot be calculated in silver.

Job 28:16 (show verse)

It cannot be compared to gold from Ophir, with precious onyx, or with sapphire.

Job 28:17 (show verse)

It cannot be compared to gold and fine glass crystal, nor can it be exchanged for gold-plated weaponry.

Job 28:18 (show verse)

Don't even bother to mention coral and crystal wisdom is more valuable than a bag of rubies.

Job 28:19 (show verse)

It can neither be compared with the topaz of Ethiopia nor valued in comparison to pure gold."

Job 28:20 (show verse)

"From where, then, does wisdom originate? Where does understanding live?

Job 28:21 (show verse)

It has been concealed from the sight of every living creature and hidden even from the birds in the skies.

Job 28:22 (show verse)

Abaddon and death said, "We did hear a rumor about it.'

Job 28:23 (show verse)

God understands how to get there; he knows where they live.

Job 28:24 (show verse)

For he looks as far as the ends of the earth and sees everything under the sky.

Job 28:25 (show verse)

"He imparted weight to the wind; he regulated water by his measurement.

Job 28:26 (show verse)

He set in place ordinances for the rain; and determined the pathway for thunder that accompanies lightning.

Job 28:27 (show verse)

Then he looked at wisdom, and fixed it in place; he established it, and also examined it.

Job 28:28 (show verse)

He has commanded mankind: "To fear the Lord that is wisdom; to move away from evil that is understanding.'"