Book Summary:

Judges covers the period of time between the death of Joshua and the ascension of Saul to the throne – the first 350 year period of the children of Israel in the promised land. Judges were people who God raised up to rescue His oppressed and rebellious Children. This book is a picture of what happens in every unsurrendered life – it begins with compromise and ends with confusion. God word shows us that mans natural attempt is downward despite human pride thinking that mans tendency is upward. The result of the disobediences in chapter 1 is shown in the defeat and failure of chapter 2 – God gave them up to there own will.

There are seven different circles of oppression which resulted from the Israelites continually turning from the living God – by His Spirit God raised up seven judges to rescue them in the power of His spirit – “not by might nor by power but by my spirit”

JudgesChapter Themes