Thematic Bible

Psalm 39:1 (show verse)

I said, to myself, I will take heed to my ways, That I sin not with my tongue, - I will put on my mouth a muzzle, So long as the lawless is before me.

Psalm 39:2 (show verse)

I was dumb with silence, I held my peace, afar from happiness, But, my pain had been stirred:

Psalm 39:3 (show verse)

Hot was my heart within me, While I was musing, there was kindled a fire, I spake with my tongue!

Psalm 39:4 (show verse)

Let me know, O Yahweh, mine end, And the measure of my days - what it is, I would know how short-lived I am.

Psalm 39:5 (show verse)

Lo! as hand-breadths, hast thou granted my days, and my life-time, is as nothing before thee, - Surely, a mere breath, are all men, even such as stand firm. Selah.

Psalm 39:6 (show verse)

Surely as a shadow, doth every man wander, Surely in vain, do they bustle about, he heapeth things up, and knoweth not who shall gather them in.

Psalm 39:7 (show verse)

Now, therefore, for what have I waited, O My Lord? My hope, is, in thee.

Psalm 39:8 (show verse)

From all my transgressions, rescue thou me, - The reproach of the base, oh do not make me!

Psalm 39:9 (show verse)

I am dumb, I cannot open my mouth, for, thou, hast done it.

Psalm 39:10 (show verse)

Remove from off me thy stroke, Because of the hostility of thy hand, am, I, consumed.

Psalm 39:11 (show verse)

When, by rebukes for iniquity, thou hast corrected a man, Then hast thou consumed, as a moth, all that was delightful within him, Surely, a breath, are all men. Selah.

Psalm 39:12 (show verse)

Hear my prayer, O Yahweh, And, unto my cry for help, give ear, At my tears, do not be silent, - For, a sojourner, am, I, with thee, A stranger, like all my fathers.

Psalm 39:13 (show verse)

Look away from me that I may brighten up, Ere yet I depart and am no more.