Thematic Bible

Psalm 40:1 (show verse)

I waited patiently for Yahweh, - And he inclined, unto me, and heard my cry for help;

Psalm 40:2 (show verse)

So he brought me up, Out of the destroying pit, Out of the swampy mire, - And set, upon a cliff, my feet, Making firm my steps:

Psalm 40:3 (show verse)

Then put he, into my mouth, a new song, Praise to our God, - Many shall see and revere, And shall trust in Yahweh.

Psalm 40:4 (show verse)

How happy the man, Who hath made Yahweh his confidence, who hath not turned unto the haughty, nor gone aside unto falsehood.

Psalm 40:5 (show verse)

Mighty things, hast thou done - Thou, Yahweh my God, Thy wonderful doings and thy purposes to-wards us, There is no setting them in order unto thee - I would tell, and would speak! - They are too great to rehearse.

Psalm 40:6 (show verse)

Sacrifice and meal-offering, thou didst not delight in, Ears, didst thou pierce for me, - Ascending-sacrifice and sin-bearer, thou didst not ask:

Psalm 40:7 (show verse)

Then, said I - Lo! I am come, In the written scroll, is it prescribed for me;

Psalm 40:8 (show verse)

To do thy good-pleasure, O my God, is my delight, And, thy law, is in the midst of mine inward parts:

Psalm 40:9 (show verse)

I have told the good-tidings of righteousness in a great convocation, Lo! my lips, do I not restrain, O Yahweh, thou, knowest:

Psalm 40:10 (show verse)

Thy righteousness, have I not hid in the midst of my heart, Thy faithfulness and thy salvation, have I spoken, I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and thy truthfulness from the great convocation.

Psalm 40:11 (show verse)

Thou, O Yahweh, wilt not restrain thy compassions from me, Thy lovingkindness and thy truthfulness, shall continually watch over me.

Psalm 40:12 (show verse)

For there have closed in upon me, misfortunes beyond number, Mine iniquities have overtaken me, and I cannot see, They have become more than the hairs of my head, And, my courage, hath forsaken me!

Psalm 40:13 (show verse)

Be pleased, O Yahweh, to rescue me, O Yahweh! to help me, make haste!
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 40:14 (show verse)

Let them turn pale and then at once blush, who are seeking my life to snatch it away, - Let them draw back, and be confounded, who are taking pleasure in my calamity;
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 40:15 (show verse)

Let them be astonished on account of their own shame, who are saying of me, Aha! Aha!

Psalm 40:16 (show verse)

Let all them be glad and rejoice in thee, who are seekers of thee. Let them say continually - Yahweh be magnified! who are lovers of thy salvation.

Psalm 40:17 (show verse)

But, I, being oppressed and needy, May My Lord devise for me, - My help and my deliverer, thou art! O my God, do not tarry!