Thematic Bible

Psalm 80:1 (show verse)

{To the Chanter, upon Shoshannim, a Psalm of Asaph} Hear, O thou shepherd of Israel, thou that leadest Jacob like a flock of sheep; show thyself, thou that sittest upon the Cherubim.

Psalm 80:2 (show verse)

Before Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh; stir up thy power, and come help us.
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 80:3 (show verse)

Turn us again, O God: show the light of thy countenance, and we shall be whole.

Psalm 80:4 (show verse)

O LORD God of Hosts, how long wilt thou be angry over the prayer of thy people?

Psalm 80:5 (show verse)

Thou hast fed them with the bread of tears, yea thou hast given them plenteousness of tears to drink.

Psalm 80:6 (show verse)

Thou hast made us a very strife unto our neighbours, and our enemies laugh us to scorn.

Psalm 80:7 (show verse)

Turn us again, thou God of hosts; show the light of thy countenance, and we shall be whole.

Psalm 80:8 (show verse)

Thou hast brought a vine out of Egypt; thou hast cast out the heathen, and planted it.

Psalm 80:9 (show verse)

Thou madest room for it, and caused it to take root, so that it filled the land.

Psalm 80:10 (show verse)

The hills were covered with the shadow of it, and the boughs thereof were like the goodly cedar-trees.

Psalm 80:11 (show verse)

She stretched out her branches unto the sea, and her boughs unto the river.

Psalm 80:12 (show verse)

Why hast thou then broken down her hedge, that all they which go by, pluck off her grapes?

Psalm 80:13 (show verse)

The wild boar out of the wood hath rooted it up, and the beasts of the field have devoured it.

Psalm 80:14 (show verse)

Turn thee again, thou God of hosts, look down from heaven, behold and visit this vine,

Psalm 80:15 (show verse)

and the place of the vineyard that thy righthand hath planted, and the son whom thou madest so strong for thyself.

Psalm 80:16 (show verse)

It is burnt with fire, and cut down; O let them perish at the rebuke of thy wrath.

Psalm 80:17 (show verse)

Let thy hand be upon the man of thy righthand, and upon the son of man, whom thou madest so strong for thine own self.

Psalm 80:18 (show verse)

And so will not we go back from thee; O let us live, and we shall call upon thy name.

Psalm 80:19 (show verse)

Turn us again, O LORD God of hosts; show the light of thy countenance, and we shall be whole.